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Choose from our wide selection of sandwiches, rolls and wraps to bring with you wherever lunch may take you!



avocado, bacon, tomato & ranch dressing


tomato, arugula, pesto & provolone cheese

Grilled Flank Steak

roast onion & garlic chutney, romaine lettuce, English mustard & mature Cheddar cheese

Roast Portobello Mushroom Cap

red onions & garlic aioli

Smoked Salmon

red onion, baby spinach & lemon dill cream cheese


Marie Rose sauce with romaine lettuce


Chicken Caeser

Grilled Chicken

onions, peppers, guacamole, sour cream , salsa & iceberg lettuce

Rosemary Roast Ham

roast red pepper, grain mustard& brie cheese

Flaked Salmon

cucumber & tomato with lemon dill mayonnaise

Marinated Grilled Vegetables

sun dried tomato pesto, romaine lettuce & feta cheese

Spiced Beef

red onion, roast yellow pepper, tomato & chili garlic dressing on a jalapeño wrap

Curried Chicken Salad

mango chutney & sliced almonds


"And that, of course, is the secret of why so many people go to Miles every day. Miles makes shopping the greatest reward." - Harry C. D. Cox

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