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Miles and Harrys are proud to provide the best quality, best in season and best organic Bermuda produce all year round - grown by our own farmers.

We have strict quality standards and only the freshest products are chosen when they are in season and at their best. The fields have been organically tended by using manure and green fertilizers. Miles Farms pick daily to make sure that you have the freshest and tastiest produce. We also have a selection of cooking and medicinal herbs.

Miles Farms

Each package displays the Miles Farms Logo so that you know exactly where the product was grown. Where we can, we bunch products to reduce the need for packaging, however when packaging is required we carefully consider sustainability and recycle ability.

Fresh purple cabbage Papayas growing in bermuda Herbs growing in a garden Cabbage growing in rows Broccoli Head of fresh cabbage

Nature's Bounty: Did you know?

Bermuda used to have a vibrant Farming Industry and actually regularly exported fruits, vegetables and flowers to North America. But now the famous Bermuda Onion can only be found here at home. The North American "Bermuda Onion" actually comes from Bermuda, Texas!

Exotic Choices

Getting bored or want to confuse your guests?

There is nothing as much fun as serving your dinner guests something they have never heard of or seen before. How about this one...

Miles Market Exotic Fresh Fruit Bermuda

Nobody at Miles is too sure what it is and our produce manager swears that it spoke to him the other day. You may not want to eat it but we will pay you to get it out of the store safely!

"If there is a better olive oil sold in Bermuda, we don't know about it, and that is how it is that Puget's Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been in Miles Market for the past 25 years or so." - Harry C. D. Cox

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